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August 20th, 2018
08:30-09:00 Opening Ceremony
Chair: Ping Li (Sichuan Agricultural University)
Remarks from Prof. Qifa Zhang, Chair of PGC Committee
Remarks from Prof. De Wu, Vice President of Sichuan Agricultural University
Session I: Omics and Beyond
Chair: Xiaoya Chen (Institute of Plant Physiology & Ecology, CAS)
09:00-09:30 Plenary 1 Nicholas Harberd (University of Oxford)
New cereal green revolutions from modulation of plant growth-metabolism coordination
09:30-10:00 Plenary 2 Etienne Paux (French National Institute for Agricultural Research)
Cracking the wheat code – one giant leap for science, one small step for agriculture
Tea Break
Session II: Functional Genomics (I)
Chair: Hongya Gu (Peking University)
10:20-10:50 Plenary 3 Guangcun He (Wuhan University)
Isolation and functional characterization of brown planthopper resistance gene Bph6
10:50-11:20 Plenary 4 Xuewei Chen (Sichuan Agricultural University)
Exploration, mechanism elucidation and breeding application of rice resources with broad-spectrum resistance against blast disease
Chair: Zhengqiang Ma (Nanjing Agricultural University)
11:20-11:40 Xiangdong Fu (Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, CAS)
Heterotrimeric G proteins regulate grain size and shape through the modulation of MADS-domain transcription factors in rice
11:40-12:00 Yidan Ouyang (Huazhong Agricultural University)
A G-protein pathway determines grain size in rice
Lunch Break (Box Lunch)
Session III: Genome Sequencing and New Technology
Chair: Yaoguang Liu (South China Agricultural University)
14:00-14:30 Plenary 5 Sanwen Huang (Agricultural Genome Institute at Shenzhen, CAAS)
The Upotato Plan---Genome-guided re-domestication of the most important tuber crop
14:30-14:50 Heng Zhang (Institute of Plant Physiology & Ecology, CAS)
The genome of broomcorn millet (Panicum miliaceum L.)
Chair: Jizeng Jia (Institute of Crop Sciences, CAAS)
14:50-15:10 Jianqiang Wu (Kunming Institute of Botany, CAS)
The parasitic plant dodder (Cuscuta australis) with a streamlined genome conveys systemic signals to host plants
15:10-15:25 Student talk: Yanting Shen (Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, CAS)
De novo assembly of a Chinese soybean genome
15:30-15:40 Student talk: Zhongxu Chen (Sichuan Agricultural University)
High-performance computing and cloud for omics-based crop improvement
Tea Break
Session IV: Proteomics, Metabolomics and Bioinformatics
Chair: Dongyun Hao (Jilin Academy of Agricultural Sciences)
16:00-16:20 Shenghong Li (Kunming Institute of Botany, CAS)
Terpenoid diversity and biosynthesis in Leucosceptrum canum
16:20-16:40 Guodong Wang (Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, CAS)
From hop glandular trichomes to hoppy yeast
16:40-17:00 Yi Shang (Yunnan Normal University)
Biosynthesis, regulation, and detoxification of bitterness in cucurbit plants
Chair: Jianxiang Liu (Zhejiang University)
17:00-17:20 Luqi Huang (Chinese Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences)
Genome of Gastrodia elata provide a model of symbiosis between plant and fungi
17:20-17:40 Peng Zhang (Institute of Plant Physiology & Ecology, CAS)
Deciphering hexaploid sweetpotato genome for genetic improvement using genome editing
17:40-18:00 Jue Ruan (Agricultural Genome Institute at Shenzhen, CAAS)
A delayed choice graph to assemble paired-end short reads
Dinner (Buffet)
18:40-21:20 Sponsors' Workshop
20:00-21:00 PGC Committee Meeting
August 21st, 2018
Session V: Functional Genomics (II)
Chair: Zhensheng Kang (Northwest A&F University)
08:30-09:00 Plenary 6 Roger Wise (USDA-Agricultural Research Service, USA)
Bi-phasic regulation of immunity during infection of barley with the powdery mildew pathogen
09:00-09:20 Jianbing Yan (Huazhong Agricultural University)
A roadmap for future maize breeding revealed by the CUBIC population
09:20-09:40 Kejian Wang (China National Rice Research Institute, CAS)
Fixation of rice heterosis using CRISPR/Cas9
09:40-10:00 Letian Chen (South China Agricultural University)
The S1-mediated hybrid sterility drives transmission advantage of gametes carrying OgTPR1 in interspecific rice hybrids
10:00-10:20 Hanhui Kuang (Huazhong Agricultural University)
Genetic analysis of complex traits of lettuce leaves
Tea Break
Chair: Liquan Qiu (Institute of Crop Sciences, CAAS)
10:40-11:00 Caixia Gao (Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, CAS)
Transgene-free genome editing and precise base editing in wheat
11:00-11:20 Liwen Jiang (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Vacuole biogenesis and function in plants
11:20-11:35 Student talk: Xiu Tian (Institute of Plant Physiology & Ecology, CAS)
Functional characterization of cotton enzymes in gossypol biosynthetic pathway
11:35-11:50 Student talk: Haicheng Liao (Sichuan Agricultural University)
Loss of function of a rice TPR-domain RNA-binding protein confers broad-spectrum disease resistance
Lunch Break (Box Lunch)
Session VI: Genome Diversity
Chair: Bin Han (Institute of Plant Physiology & Ecology, CAS)
14:00-14:30 Plenary 7 Takao Komatsuda (National Agriculture and Food Research Organization, Japan)
Genomic evolution of disarticulation for seed dispersal in cereals
14:30-14:50 Zhixi Tian (Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, CAS)
Survey of domestication genes in soybean
14:50-15:10 Jun Wu (Nanjing Agricultural University)
Diversification and independent domestication of Asian and European pears
15:10-15:30 Tianzhen Zhang (Zhejiang University)
Domestication and improvement of cotton: from tree cotton to American upland cotton and to the world's largest fiber crop
15:30-15:50 Yalong Guo (Institute of Botany, CAS)
Adaptive evolution of Arabidopsis thaliana relatives
15:50-16:05 Student talk: Gai Huang (Peking University)
Resequencing of 243 diploid cotton accessions identifies the genetic basis of key agronomic traits and evolution of cotton A-genomes from a genomics view
16:05-18:00 Tea Break and Poster Session
Dinner (Buffet)
18:40-20:40 Sponsors' Workshop
August 22nd, 2017
Session VII: Epigenetics and Epigenomics
Chair: Xiaofeng Cao (Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, CAS)
08:30-09:00 Plenary 8 Kerstin Kaufmann (Humboldt University of Berlin)
Controlling plant developmental gene expression in time and space: enhancers, epigenetic factors and gene-regulatory networks
09:00-09:20 Yu Zhao (Huazhong Agricultural University)
WOX11 recruits a histone H3K27me3 demethylase to promote gene expression during shoot development in rice
09:20-09:40 Lei Gong (Northeast Normal University)
Genome-wide Hi-C analysis reveals extensive hierarchical chromatin interactions in rice
09:40-10:00 Mingming Xin (China Agricultural University)
Identification and evolution analysis of imprinted genes in wheat
Tea Break
Chair: Yan Pei (Southwest University)
10:20-10:40 Yanli Lu (Sichuan Agricultural University)
The emerging roles of circular RNAs in maize drought response
10:40-11:00 Yingyin Yao (China Agricultural University)
Wheat miR9678 affects seed germination by generating phased siRNAs and modulating abscisic acid/gibberellin signaling
11:00-11:20 Yong Ding (University of Science & Technology of China)
A plant-specific H2A phosphorylation modulates flowering time and hypocotyl elongation
11:20-11:40 Chuang Ma (Northwest A&F University)
Machine learning approaches to decode noncoding variations
11:40-11:55 Student talk: Nannan Liu (Huazhong Agricultural University)
The hypoxic stress induced gene ZmPORB1 determines tocopherol content in the maize kernel
Lunch Break (Box Lunch)
Session VIII: Transgenic Technology and Genomics-Based Breeding
Chair: Xiansheng Zhang (Shandong Agricultural University)
14:00-14:30 Plenary 9 Yusaku Uga (National Agriculture and Food Research Organization, Japan)
Genetic improvement of root system architecture for developing of climate-resilient rice
14:30-14:50 Feng Tian (China Agricultural University)
Genetic and molecular mechanisms of maize flowering time adaptation
14:50-15:10 Yongzhong Xing (Huazhong Agricultural University)
Duplication of an upstream silencer of FZP significantly increases grain yield in rice
15:10-15:30 Chengcai Chu (Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, CAS)
Improvement of nitrogen use efficiency in rice: from theory to practice
15:30-16:00 Closing Ceremony
Chair: Ping Li (Sichuan Agricultural University)
Presentation of the awards for the best posters and the best student talks
Closing Remarks: Weicai Yang (Institute of Genetics and Developmental Biology, CAS)
Messages from the local organizers of PGC XX
Sponsors’ Workshop
地点:2楼 川府厅
18:40-19:20 植物高通量基因敲除突变体库的创制和其在育种上的应用
19:20-20:00 Qsep系列全自动核酸片段分析仪在核酸质控、基因分型中的应用
20:00-20:40 Applications of Single Molecule, Real-Time (SMRT) Sequencing in Plant Genomic Research
太平洋生物科学公司,钱祖卫 (亚太区市场营销总监)
20:40-21:20 Illumina Next-Generation Sequencing Strategy for Agricultural Research
18:40-19:20 极致精准、简单的多组学解决方案
19:20-20:00 植物研究新动向-从体外高通量研究到植物活体实时成像研究
20:00-20:40 解密基因,改写未来——赛默飞前沿技术与先进工具加速您的植物基因组学研究
赛默飞世尔科技(中国)有限公司,刘爽 (技术销售专家)
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